Children's Harbor Montessori School was originally founded in 1976 by a group of
Staten Island parents.

From its inception, the plan of the school was to incorporate a creative arts-centered
school within the Montessori structure.  The beginning of Children's Harbor dates back
to 1976, when a group of parents became interested in founding a school based on
sound child development, strong parental participation and an arts centered curriculum
adapted to meet the needs of the young child.  While we are no longer a parent
cooperative, our school was founded on and moves forward with strong parental

In 1978 the school moved to Snug Harbor Cultural Center with hopes of enhancing the
arts curriculum.  Since then, we have remained in Snug Harbor, committed to our role as
art educators and promoters.  During this time we have developed as a viable group
within Snug Harbor and as a school with a solid reputation.
Our school is located on the
beautiful Grounds of Snug
Harbor Cultural Center and
Botanical Garden
Children's Harbor Montessori School
Montessori School located in Snug Harbor
Educating Staten Island children since 1976
Early Drop off and Extended Hours
Toddler Class (ages 2-3)
Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program
Pre-Primary including Kindergarten (ages 3-6)
Summer Studio 2012
Call us for more information: (718) 442-6112
Children's Harbor Montessori School
1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301
Telephone: (718) 442-6112
Facsimile: (718) 442-3283